Siri Elaine

Artist | Salt Lake City, UT 



"My art is influenced by many things. Some of those things being; Nature, gardening, music, journaling, emotions, fashion, imperfections, and self discovery. Art is one of the best tools I can use to express my inner self. I love sitting down and getting messy with color.  I love being able to use my imagination. We all possess something unique. When we are able recognize the greatness within ourselves and welcome our unique self, great things can happen. For me this realization was a realization of self discovery and love. Art has helped me overcome many hardships in my life. For me, art wasn't always happy. I went through periods of my life where art was used as a tool to help me cope with some serious issues. It was something I could do that gave me   a sense of self worth. I have struggled with anxiety  for many years.  Anxiety has made me feel confused, lost, sad, messed up, scared, and alone. Working through my anxiety and fears has been a really hard process. Art has been an amazing tool with my healing process. I am making art that is healing me and I hope to inspire others to create. "